Danby DDR60A3GP Review

Do you have constantly growing molds in your room that are just driving you nuts? Or are you scared that the dampness of your room is going to ruin all your favorite garments? If so, it is high time that you come up with a solution because if you don’t, your suffering will continue and the scale would be a lot greater in near future. It may also lead to health problems like breathing difficulty and eczema as the bacteria and fungus grow rapidly in a damp condition. Now if you are really worried, here is something that would surely solve all your problems at one go – the Danby 60 Pint 2 Speed Energy Star Dehumidifier.


This one comes with a huge capacity of 60 pints per day, which means it can dehumidify up to 60 pints of moisture in a period of 24 hours which is great. It can cover an area of up to 4000 square feet. You get the convenience of a digital control panel which allows you easy access to all the options. Also, the auto restart feature allows it to switch on automatically when humidity increases and switch off automatically when the required humidity is achieved. It also comes with an Energy Star rating.

Everyday Use

When you compare this to any other dehumidifier available in the market, the design of this one is super cool and hence it is ideal for everyday use. The weight is only 43 pounds which would allow you to move this around easily without putting in much effort. Also, the caster wheels attached at the bottom help you a great deal in terms of mobility. The digital display board informs you what the relative temperature of your currently is and you can set it to your desired point. This one is ideal for damp basement areas or humid rooms.

Pros and Cons

The device is Energy Star rated as mentioned earlier, which means it is surely going to save you a lot of money in your bill. Also it is an environment friendly dehumidifier which cause no harm to you or nature while operating and also does not use any harmful ingredients in it. The drainage system is good and it can be used constantly, provided constant drainage can be arranged. The power cord might seem a little short on some instances.


If you have a medium to large sized home, this dehumidifier would be the best you can have to get rid of the dampness of your room. Bring this home and you would be free from the anxiety of getting any skin disease of other complications. It would also save your house and your belongings from the harmful effects of bacteria and fungus.

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