Danby DDR70B3WP Review

So maybe its been a while since you last gave your room a proper inspection, but now that you see there are molds growing everywhere, you are probably scratching your head thinking what might be the reason, right? To be point blank on this, the excess moisture in your room is what to blame for this. It is helping not only the molds to grow, but also causing your favorite garments to become ruined and your health to deteriorate without you noticing it. Bring home the Danby DDR70B3WP and all your problems would be gone. So without further ado, let’s take a deeper look into this.


The product comes with an array of features for the users. With the digital display board on the top, you would be able to know what relative humidity your room had at the current moment and you can regulate it as per your requirement. The auto restart function lets you use this effortlessly and with its huge 70-pint capacity, it can dehumidify 70 pints of moisture from your house per day which is just awesome for a product like this. Also, it comes in a compact design which gives it a cool look and at the same time makes it easy to carry around.

Everyday Use

The unit is perfect for everyday use. It has a capacity to dehumidify areas up to 4,500 square feet which is amazing and for a product with such a price range, it is always a winning deal. With the caster wheels attached at the bottom, you can easily move it around your house and use it wherever necessary. The small design doesn’t occupy much space and you would hardly notice it while it seats at the corner of your room and works silently.

Pros and Cons

Since it is compliant with the Energy Star guidelines, it saves a huge amount of electricity as well as money for you. It creates hardly any sound so you would not notice it even when it is running at full pace. The drainage system is sophisticated so you don’t have to go through a battle while removing the inner bucket for draining it. Also, the 2 fan provides a quick suction force that dehumidifies your room really quick. But despite having all these features, this dehumidifier is not ideal to use with an extension cord which is probably its only shortcoming. But compared to the advantages it offers, the shortcoming is easily negligible.


So in order to bring back the long gone beautiful days, you should not waste a single moment thinking. Just go online and buy this product. It would restore a healthy atmosphere in your house where you can live in peace, without being worried about the bacteria and harmful germs. This amazing product is available on Amazon and offers a discount and free shipping.

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