EdgeStar Energy Star 30 Pint Review

Dehumidifiers are a savior for your room as well as your home, especially if you are residing in an environment which is damp and wet and there is not enough ventilation system in your room.

But even with a lot of ventilation available, some environments are damp enough to cause a great damage to your house and your room. Not only that, but they can also cause your health to deteriorate by breeding bacteria and other harmful germs.

So having a dehumidifier is a must if you are in a similar condition. This would help you in ways you can’t even imagine. This portable dehumidifier might be the most ideal solution to your problem.


This machine can remove moisture of up to 30 pints per day and it is ideal for a room size of 400 square feet. It can remove moisture of approximately 1500 square feet at the most while still being pretty efficient. It offers an easy control mechanism so that everybody can use it with ease. With its humidistat, you can set up the desired humidity level of your room, ranging from 35% to 80% of relative humidity.

Everyday Use

It weighs only 29 lbs which makes it more than ideal for everyday use. There are wheels attached at the bottom so that you can easily move it around in your house and can use wherever you want it. If you feel a certain area or room of your house is prone to dampness, just move it right there and switch it on. It would suck up the extra moisture from your room and give it a fresh, and crisp feel. All your other belongings will also get a sigh of relief. It shuts off automatically so you need not worry about water being overflown.

Pros and Cons

The most advantageous thing about this dehumidifier is that it has a super easy control system. Also, you can use this continuously without being worried about the overflow of water if you can arrange for a suitable water drainage system. Now this might be the only con of this machine too, since arranging a continuous drainage system in every room might not be possible at times. Also, the cord provided with it seems a bit on the shorter side, but it’s not too short, and not too long either. On a positive note, it is also energy star rated so you would be able to save a lot of energy and money by using it. It also offers a low temperature operation.


In short, this model would be the perfect choice for you if you are really looking forward to saving your dear house. It would prevent bacteria from breeding dangerously in your room. It is ideal for a medium sized house and available on Amazon with a very affordable price as well as free shipping.

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