EdgeStar Energy Star 70 Pint Review

If you are suffering from some sort of skin disease or happen to have breathing problems, before you put the blame to something else, please ask yourself that if your room is damp. If the answer is yes, this is surely the cause of all your breathing problems or skin issues. Your damp room is the root cause of the increasing number of bacteria in your room and also the cause of our skin disease among many other things. Also, it is the reason your house is developing molds or mildews. But all your problems can be addressed with the this popular dehumidifier. Let’s take a look what it has to offer and why you might want this to be a new addition to your home.


The unit comes to you with loads of features. The auto shut off features enable it to shut down the system automatically whenever the tank inside the machine is full so that water would never overflow. You don’t ever have to worry if you happen to leave the house and forget to shut it off. Also, the control panel is super easy to understand and it offers you to regulate the humidity of your room according to your choice. You can set relative humidity from as low as 35% to as much as 80%. It also has a 7.5-litre water bucket inside so it would go a long way before you have to empty the bucket.

Everyday Use

The super easy operation of this item makes it an ideal choice for everyday use. Besides having the auto shut off function, it also has a 24-hour auto start function that allows you to operate it effortlessly. It only weighs 40 pounds so you can easily port it from one room to another without any problem. It is also very small in size so it would not waste any space.

Pros and Cons

It comes with a huge capacity to remove 70 pints of moisture in every 24 hours so this would be ideal for any large house. The super strong double fan sucks up moist air super quick and delivers crisp and fresh air. Besides, it is an Energy Star rated product, so electricity consumption would be much less compared to any non-energy star rated product in the market. It also offers low temperature operation and it can operate in as low as 41 degree of temperature.

The device uses a sophisticated technology that enables it to have a noise free operation and thus it would not create any problem if you are reading or writing. There really isn’t much to say if you wanted to know anything wrong with this dehumidifier and in fact, it’s basically perfect.

This product is amazing when you compare it to some other similar products available in the market and it would really be a good investment. If you are suffering from symptoms like mentioned earlier, it is high time you bring one of this in home and all your problems would be gone.

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