Frigidaire FAD301NWD Review

The Frigidaire FAD301NWD is like a counterpart of the FFAD3033R1. Frigidaire has established itself as one of the best companies in creating various kinds of home appliances.

From all sorts of refrigerators to washing machines, this company has really got you covered. Despite being famous for refrigerators, the dehumidifiers by this brand are no less. They have some of the best dehumidifiers available out there with a huge capacity and efficient running system.

Features of Frigidaire FAD301NWD

The unit is a part of the energy star dehumidifier series. Like other products by Frigidaire, this one also comes with an efficient auto-shut off feature.

So the user has the guarantee that whenever the tank is full the machine shuts off on its own instead of overflowing and causing the machine to work inefficiently by having to regulate its turning on and off.

This 30-pint model has the capacity and capability to suck up 30 pints of humidity per hour. This particular model has a manual relative humidity range, 35 percent-85 percent.

It is particularly designed in a way that makes it extremely efficient in removing the bacteria from the air. It protects your home excess humidity which not only causes mildew and moulds to grow and breed but the humid air also carries a vast amount of allergens.

Everyday Use

With its special bacteria removing properties this machine is extremely efficient in removing allergy causing particles to be removed from the air, especially the ones that may be bothering you everyday. Its basic designing is done in a way that makes it special from just removing the humidity from the air and taking away the difficulty that one experiences during breathing in a humid place. With its small and compact design you can place this in any room of your house and enjoy the effective dehumidification.

Pros and Cons

A drawback of this model is that from almost all the user reviews it has been proven that although it is not too loud still it’s pretty loud. Another thing that is lacking in this dehumidifier is that although it has a hose draining system, it does not come with a hose which is a definite minus.

This particular unit can be a little inconvenient; it’s quite a difficult job to empty the container once it is full of water. The engineering for the emptying process is lacking as you have to take the tank out and then slam it back in to place once it has been emptied.

Other than that, it does what it says and it’s super-efficient when it comes to using electricity. But despite its dehumidification properties, it is still quite noisy, which is the opposite of what can be said about many other dehumidifiers available in the market even the ones by Frigidaire.

For the people that don’t mind the sound and the manual process of emptying the tank, it is a good option because in addition to its small size it also has wheels which makes it easier to move the machine around which is an added bonus to its great efficiency.


Overall, this machine would be a great addition to your home. Especially if you’ve been facing any difficulties in your home when it comes to breathing or even mold, this could be your ultimate solution.

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