Frigidaire FAD704DWD Review

You don’t like the damp feeling in your room, right? You must have wondered to yourself a thousand times where all the molds in your home are coming from. Even if you keep your room as well as your house neat and clean all the time, you can still face other problems. But be informed that a clean room, as it seems to your open eyes may not be as clean as you think. For example, if you have dampness and molds growing in your room, there is a high chance your room is full of bacteria and other invisible germs due to the wet and damp condition of your room even though you room looks perfectly clean. In order to get rid of this unpleasant experience, you must use a dehumidifier, like Frigidaire FAD704DWD.


This dehumidifier comes with a huge capacity of 70-pint which means it can take out 70 pints of water from the atmosphere of your room. The 16.3-pint front pull out tank offers you ease of access and the splash guard makes sure water is not spilled on the floor. Also the auto shut off facility ensures the machine shuts off automatically when the tank is full and this would prevent the tank from overflowing.

Everyday Use

Whenever you feel like the humidity is high in your room or you feel like it is damp around you, just switch it on and it would start pulling in the wet air inside and make it dry. The scientifically designed body can easily be fitted in one corner of a room and it can be used for an area of up to 1400 square feet. This makes it ideal for everyday use. Also the wheels attached at the bottom would lessen your effort in moving this from one room to another.

Pros and Cons

This machine operates at a low temperature and the energy star ensures that it uses less electricity and thus reduces your electricity bill and saves you a lot of money. Also the machine can be used continuously if you can arrange for a suitable drainage system to drain out the acquired water inside and it would make your experience more hassle free. Again, this one, like it cousin which comes with a 50-pint capacity, cannot be used with an extension cord which is one of its only shortcomings. But considering the advantages it offers for the user, this small thing can easily be ignored since it comes with a 6 feet power cord.

This one is ideal for a medium sized home and probably the best budget dehumidifier in the market, considering the features it offers. It also has an easy operating method so almost everyone would be able to operate this.

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