Frigidaire FFAD3033R1 Review

Frigidaire is a company that was established in 1916. Ever since its establishment it has become a household name. It has been made domestic in a way that for a long time Americans referred to a refrigerator of any brand as ‘fridge’ made common by Frigidaire. Although a connoisseur when it comes to refrigerators, it has since then expanded its area of expertise and has produced all sorts of kitchen and household appliances. It is also quite famous for its dehumidifiers which are excellent for reducing the levels of humidity in a house or any other building.

Features of Frigidaire FFAD3033R1

This model with effortless humidity control, 30 pint is an absolute joy. With a compact design the white color of the machine makes it look stylish. It comes with a front, pull out 7.6 pint tank with a handle. It also has a splash guard and full tank alert. It also comes with an auto-shut off feature which turns off the machine by itself when the level of humidity becomes less than a certain level. When the model is near a suitable drain it keeps running continuously. It collects the humidity in the air and stores it in the tank in the form of water which is then disposed of. The unit operates at a low temperature of 41 degrees and hence consumes less energy and money. It also has ready-select electronic control with digital humidity readout which shows the level of humidity in the air in numerical form.

Everyday Use

The machine is perfect for people that live in tropical areas or countries or areas that have a fair amount of humidity during any time of the year. The people that live in humid areas know that not only is humid hair particularly annoying during the summer, it makes the skin oily, the hair rough and the air quite unbreathable and suffocating. It works efficiently to make your house (or any other place) light and airy.

Pros and Cons

The great thing about this model is that it collects the humidity out of your room, even the bigger sized ones, in a very short time. When the tank is full it shuts off on its own, so even if you leave your house you don’t have to worry about turning off your dehumidifier which you left on. If the unit is connected with a drain it makes the hassle all the much lesser. One thing which could be improved to make the energy star even better is if the pint size was greater, the pint size being the amount of humidity that the unit sucks per hour, then it would be even more efficient.


To sum it up, for a little price, an investment for a very long time, this is a wonderful dehumidifier which works not only for small rooms but for large and vast spaces as well.

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