Honeywell DH50W Review

This machine comes right under the $200 mark with a discount which makes it a great choice considering all aspects. If you weren’t aware, some of the everyday problems you face with breathing and skin issues may be due to extra dampness in your home. If you’re looking to improve your quality of life, then it is highly suggested you try out using a dehumidifier before running to the doctor for these conditions just yet.

Features of Honeywell DH50W

In only 24 hours, the unit has the ability to remove up to 50 pints of moisture from the air. Similar in design and function to the Honeywell DH70W, the DH50W is like the little brother of the former. A step down from the DH70W, it is similar to it in most other aspects except the capacity of collecting the amount of moisture from the air per day.

Like other Honeywell products, it has a humidstat control system which senses the level of humidity in the air and activates dehumidification whenever necessary to make the machine one of the smartest out there. It has a large LED display system which shows not only the room temperature but humidity level and timer settings as well.

Everyday Use

With its smart LED display system, not only is it great in function but it is also very smart looking and a great addition to any sort of room or area. It can work in all sorts of temperatures and can function on temperatures as low as 41 degree Fahrenheit. This model has all the features that one can desire in a unit. It’s easy to use this machine everyday and you’ll definitely feel much better once you get this thing going in your home.

Pros and Cons

It has a front water-level indicator and a full tank light with an audible alert system. This smart machine has an auto shut off feature as well because of which you don’t have to worry about shutting it off and it does it itself. It also has a continuous drain system.

This continuous drain system allows you to use it in a completely flexible way. The only negative that can be pointed out with this item, like other Keystone dehumidifiers is that although it does have a continuous drain feature, it does not come with a hose for that purpose.

In addition to that the manual water removal system is quite rough and very hard to manage. As the name of the machine itself suggests, it has been especially designed for portability. Not only does it have smooth glide caster wheels but it also has extremely convenient side handles that make it really easy to move around the house from one place to another.


This is a really convenient and useful item to have in the house. Especially with its price, the DH50W is the way to go if you want a more economical and efficient dehumidifier.

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