Keystone KSTAD50B Review

Keystone is a company that provides electronic devices that are very light on the pocket, but quite heavy when it comes to the function and the efficiency. This is a great choice for anyone looking to invest in a dehumidifier.

If you’re looking for a dehumidifier whether it be to lessen the dampness in your home or to help control a mold problem, you’ll definitely want to learn more about this machine.

Features of Keystone KSTAD50B

This is a machine that is pretty efficient in dehumidifying, so much so that it can remove 50 pints of moisture from the air per day. This particular version of the machine is 2014 energy star verified, meaning is it quite efficient when it comes to using electricity.

This product comes with three settings which include normal, turbo, and auto-defrost modes which all vary in their power of removing moisture from the air.

It is also pretty convenient that it comes with an auto draining system, although it does not come with a hose. The unit is user friendly and comes with a removable and easy-cleaning dust filter with a clean filter alert.

It is particularly smart and user friendly and has an LED display which makes it seem like a smart appliance placed in your house instead of a normal old dehumidifier.

Everyday Use

With its relatively thin and compact design, the machine takes up very little space and can add to the comfort of your rooms not only in feeling but visually as well.

One thing that recommends this model is that it is extremely quiet and will work without annoying you during the day. With little to no noise that it creates, you can even put it in your bedroom and enjoy the comforts of moisture-free air.

It takes up most of the moisture out of the air of 3000 square feet area, so not only do you get to be free of bacteria that is present in the air, but you also get freedom from the various kinds of allergens that may be the cause of your allergies.

Annoying things like sneezing, difficulty in breathing, and skin rashes which will definitely help when it comes to everyday life.

Pros and Cons

A negative point with this unit would be that the process of changing the tank is quite a nuisance. As you have to do the whole process manually, it gets pretty time consuming to take out the tank, clean the filters and slam everything bank into place.

The water removing process would be a lot easier if the item also came with a hose, a place for which is built into the machine although it doesn’t come with one.

The bucket design of the product is quite a nuisance and is, therefore, displeasing to users. Besides those points, everything else about this model is quite on point as you can tell from all the previously mentioned features. You can expect the quality of air, and maybe even your life, to improve once you start using this machine.


All in all, this dehumidifier is a great choice and not only because of its user-friendly design and efficiency in taking moisture out of the air, it also makes absolutely no noise while it works and lives up to its name of the promise of 50-pint moisture removal from the air.

For the price that it comes in the keystone, a dehumidifier is not only energy star verified, but it is also a smart choice for anyone looking to buy one of these bad boys.

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