Keystone KSTAD70B Review

A dehumidifier might just be what you need if you find your home is feeling too damp. One of the main reasons you would want one of these would be because where you live gets pretty humid, especially if you live in the tropics.

There are a lot of benefits you can gain by using a dehumidifier, especially if you are prone to allergies. The KSTAD70B, is an amazing machine by Keystone. We’ll be going more in depth about what this unit has to offer.


It is Energy Star verified and with its Energy Star efficiency, not only does it work great but it also lets you save money and energy. This product removes up to 70 pints of moisture and humidity from a 4500 square feet area per day.

Like many other Keystone products, this KSTAD70B also comes with an easy cleaning dust filter with a clean filter alert. It has a 1.3 gallon water tank with a transparent water level indicator and full bucket alert thanks to its smart and useful LED display.

The great thing about the Keystone is that the machines turns off by itself whenever it is full so whenever you leave the house and miss the already built in smart alert feature, you don’t have to worry because the machine will take care of itself. It also has four durable rotating casters for allowing easy movement. Once the machine is turned off it also has an auto restart feature which works perfectly in case of power outages.

The device also comes with three settings, normal, turbo and auto-defrost all with their particular speed and power of sucking moisture from the air. It runs smoothly and without any noise, working efficiently to not only reduce the chances of molds or mildew growing, but also taking away the damp and humid odor that air full of moisture creates.

They also keep your clothes and furniture from going bad by preventing the chances of growth of these mildew and molds. This model works in a way that reduces and sucks up the moisture from the air; this even helps your clothes and other damp materials to dry faster, reduces skin irritation and breathing problems.


A drawback to this unit is that it lacks a hose, although it has a draining feature in which a hose is required. Secondly, like other designs this one also requires a manual way of cleaning the filters and draining the water.

Although the item makes very little noise the compressor is comparatively louder and the water bucket is quite flimsy. Although there is no doubt in the efficiency, when it comes to the price, there are other less expensive and more efficient dehumidifiers available in the market that are guaranteed to work well for longer periods of time – like the Frigidaire models.


To sum it up, this machine lives up to its name and removes around 70 pints of humidity per day, which will definitely make a big difference in your life. Don’t underestimate the benefits one of these machines can bring to your home and make you decision on which one you want today.

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