Personal Humidifier

Dust.. Heat.. These two elements are common elements that trigger allergies. Aside from these two, several more allergens are present around our homes, waiting to attack our immune systems and make us sick. The statistic shows that 55% of the residents in the US are affected by allergies.

Allergens are airborne and are not visible to the naked eye. During the winter seasons, residents choose to spend most of their time inside the house considering the cold weather outside.

It is during this time when allergies are more likely to occur. Many residents who suffer from allergies have air purifiers inside their homes for relief. Today, a personal humidifier is being offered in the market as another reliever of allergy.

What is a personal humidifier and how does it work? How does it help a person in relieving allergies? In order to understand how humidifiers work, it is first important to understand what triggers an allergy and how the structure of the nose plays a very important part in all these.

If the nasal passages of the nose go dry, these hinder the smooth and comfortable breathing of the person. This also causes irritation in the nasal and lung passages.

During winter seasons, nasal passages go dry and it is during these times when personal humidifier becomes very important. Without humidifiers, residents who suffer from allergies go running to the nearest doctor’s office for treatment.

Some who are already using a personal humidifier say that there is an occurring problem with the growth of mold. However, this problem can be resolved with regular cleaning.

Water in the humidifier must be changed regularly and filters must also be changed from time to time. For this reason, some doctors are not advising the use of humidifiers.

Humidifiers run well with an air purifier since the latter is known to lessen or better yet eliminate microscopic and airborne allergens. A normal and good humidity level of an inside room must be at around 30 to 40 percent.

This can be measured with the use of a humidity reader. The reader simply works like a thermometer that instantly measures the level of humidity in the room.

A personal humidifier may be acquired in any local home improvement store. They may also be purchased online. These items may cost a little but their benefits to the health of the people living inside the house are worth every cent paid.

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